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  1. Hi, im trying to remember what the little comic story books I read as a child in the early 80s. They were A3 size, black and white and came out fortnightly or monthly? I can remember a possessed tree, a sabotaged fashion designer…there were loads! Any ideas? Thanks.

      1. It sounds like you are talking about the picture story library books, although you said little then A3 size, think you may have meant A5 size?

        These complete stories came out about once a month, under a comic’s name (i.e. Bunty, Mandy) they were small and were about 64 pages. I’ve a list of various titles here:

        The possessed tree sounds like “Tree of Fear” (Debbie Picture Story Library #12 – reprinted Mandy PSL#253) Sorry I don’t have any pictures.

        The sabotaged fashion designer possibly “Fran in Fashion” here’s a picture:

  2. Does anyone know how i can offload a few tammy, debbie, tracey comics to someone who might appreciate them? They have definately seen better days but thats how i recieved them…?

    1. You could donate them to the Media Studies department (Girls section) at Liverpool John Moores University. All story papers for girls are gratefully received there, and are exhaustively studied. My contacts there are lecturers Nickieanne Moody, who I spoke to just yesterday on a similar matter, and Val Stevenson, who will not be back for a week until term starts. Their telephone number is 0151 231 5175.

      1. Just to alert you, Lorraine, it doesn’t seem to be possible to read your comments on two serials from Suzy, The Strange Tale Of Sara’s Snap Encounter, and Force Of Evil.

          1. I’ve just checked again, Lorraine. The upright ‘I’ doesn’t change into a hand on those two titles, preventing access to your comments as a result. All the rest are fine.

  3. Hi! Can anyone tell me wich girls comic had regular features in which one of the children carried around a dightful fairy doll. I adored that fairy doll

  4. Does anybody else remember the Lindy comic that was launched on 21 June 1975 and merged with Jinty a few months later in November 1975. I was baffled by the decision to merge as I thought it was excellent.

  5. Trying to remember a story about a girl who was kidnapped and living in a bus can’t remember if it was bunty or tracy story

      1. There was Slaves of the Hot Stove in Tammy. At one point in the story the kidnapped girls are transported in a sealed bus. And there was another story somewhere in DCT where girls get kidnapped and are travelling in a bus. Their kidnapper has green skin for some reason, which gets progressively lighter over the episodes because he’s dying. Was that Judy? Or Diana?

          1. Thanks. And I now see the green guy is using a spaceship, not a bus, so that’s not the story. I don’t have a substantial Tracy collection but there are no kidnappings in buses in the ones I have.

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