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StoriesIssue StartIssue EndYear
Haunting of Hazel Darke (the)141982
House on Witch Hill (the)1111982
King's Lane Kids (the)1311982
Quest of Katie Courage (the)1171982
Run Rosie Run! 1111982
Sweet Cousin Carol5111982
Double Trouble…for Julie Dene!8141982
Susie’s Secret12251982
Teri Caine Story (the)12161982
Watcher (the)12171982
My Pal Penny15181982
Fran’s Foal19301983
Heartbreak House19281983
Mystery of Becky's Brother (the)19281983
Ninth Nightmare (the)19211983
Travels of Troyah (the)19341983
Hardluck Hannah26391983
Fire Raiser! (the)28331983
Cathy of Curls & Co.29381983
Menace in the Mirror29321983
Tough Nutt31451983
Annie - on the way to wimbledon32441983
Scarecrows of Spooky Hollow (the)33361983
Too Many Cooks34451983
Star of the Silver Pool35501983
Girl from Milton Manor (the)37421983
Welcome to Wendy's House39541983
Sarah’s Smile of Sorrow43541983
Terror At Tall Towers45501983
Evil Eyes of Tearful Tina (the)46541983
Jordans Of Jedworth (the)46531983
Dark Days for Dot and Carrie51601983
Haunting of Hamish (the)52541983
Ace on Ice55641983
Grimthorpe Secret (the)55661983
Nightingales of Nile Street55631983
Toyah's Magic Patch55571983
Zara Phantom of the Track55641983
The Jezebel Curse58631983
Bright Spark61701983
Dad Belongs to Me!64771983
A Boyfriend for Amy / Amy Gets a Boyfriend65661983
Girls on Film65701983
When Time Run Out…66731983
And the Clock Struck Three…67681983
Rosie and Redfire67811983
No Fun for Fiona69731983
Revenge on Wings71731984
Penny for Your Fate72731984
"I'll Win for Mum!"74891984
Hart to Hart74991984
Jordans Of Jedworth (the)74881984
Scarecrow Brown’s Schooldays74831984
The Mary Mason Mystery74781984
The Babysitter78791984
Little Miss Know-It-All79841984
Call Me Joe!82941984
No Friends for Fran84931984
Stay Away, Sue!85871984
Talisman of Terror (the)88891984
Lucy on the Long Road Home89981984
Metal Milly90971984
Power of the Puzzle90951984
Lazy Daisy94991984
Dance For Me, Delia!951061984
The Fairlady Fortune961031984
Amy a Star is Born981041984
War of the Roses991041984
Captives of Hately Hall1001021984
House on Forbidden Hill1031051984
The Strange Story of Nightingale's End1041051984
In the Shadow of Shelley1061171984
Keep Away from Kathy 1061131984
Nell's Nine Lives1061151984
Portrait of Paula1061151984
Sister of Hate1061151984
The Training of Titch1071201984
Mermaids at War 1141221984
Beanstalk Brenda 1161251984
The Curse of Carmina 1161261984
The Secret of St Sinister's 1161221984
The Hideaway Harpers1211301984
Patch Pony on the Run 1231291985
The Seven Witches of Salem Rise1231331985
My Pal Lollipop 1241261985
My Mum is Missing!1271381985
The Menace of Morgana 1271391985
The Pen Friend 1271321985
Princess at Parkfield1301391985
"Lead on Lucky" 1311441985
Sue Starr student nurse 1331471985
The Kids of Camp Courage1341451985
Sally and the Spying Space Invader 1391531985
The Truth About Ruth1401451985
Mum's All Mine!1411481985
The Cat Came Back… 1461511985
Twin Trouble 1461581985
Tears in the Darkness1481581985
The Phantoms of Fenwick Street 1521581985
The Two Faces of Tanya 1521561985
The Thirteenth Hour1541591985
The Invitation 1571581985
Hunt the Tiger's Eye 1591691985
Secret in the Saddle1601701985
The Darke Diamonds 1601751985
The Strange Story of..The Demon's Cradle1601661985
Carless Whispers 1671691985
Force of Evil1701811985
No Place Like Home 1701731985
The Mascot1711781985
Behind Closed Doors1741761986
Nobody’s Children1761881986
Best of Enemies1771821986
Strange Tale of Sara’s Snap Encounter (the)1791811986
A Pony Tale1821911986
In Sheena’s Shadow1821921986
Creeping Ivy1831871986
Melanie's Minder1881921986
Ghost Story1891921986
Revenge of Roxanne (the)1921991986
A New Life for Libby1932021986
Blitz and Bobby1932001986
Tracy on the Treasure Trail1931991986
My Perfect Brother? 2002091986
Silver Sword (the)2002091986
Jet’s Incredible Journey2012061986
Shadow of the Backstreets2032121986
Flying Starrs (the)2072131986
Before it's Too Late!2102171986
House of Broken Mirrors (the)2102191986
No Dogs Allowed2132221986
Search for Sister Sarah (the)2142221986
"Sue Scott Reporting"2182251986
Ghost Story2202251986
Behind the Black Mask2232351987
Revenge of the Dancing Doll2232291987
Heartless Hawkins (the)2262301987
Mystery at Darkmoor Manor2262311987
Brides of the Forest2302321987
Cheryl in Charge2302361987
Three’s a Crowd…2312351987
When Vera Vanished…2322381987
The Wrong Day2332351987
Gemini Girls (the)2362451987
Suzy’s Scene2362491987
Ten Green Bottles2362451987
Rich Kids  (the)2372441987
Curse of Crawley Moor (the)2392481987
Ace All-Alone2452491987
Broken Hearts 2462491987
One Girl And Her Dog2462491987
Suzy Complete Stories171983

10 thoughts on “Suzy Stories

  1. What was the name of a Tenko-themed story with a Japanese prison camp in Suzy, please? Also, how did it end and does anyone have the start and end dates please? I remember the penultimate episode had a mass breakout after the prisoners realised the commandant was having them dig the pit that was to be their mass grave, and they set the camp on fire. But I did not catch the final episode (rats).

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Was it Kids of Camp Courage? (Had the same artist as When Vera Vanished). I looked at in the library, but don’t remember how it ended.

  2. ‘The Kids Of Camp Courage’ ran in SUZY 134 (Mar. 30 1985) – 145 (Jun. 15 1985). In the final instalment Jenny Thomas realises that arrangements are being made by their Japanese prison guards to kill all the children they had captured. By the middle of 1945 conditions in the prison camp are dreadful, and the boys and girls are near starvation. The girls start a fire, which the wind is blowing towards the camp, so taking advantage of the resulting commotion, the older children carry the younger ones and make their escape, and are sensible enough to leave a false trail for the Japanese to follow. After crossing a rope bridge they then loosen the posts at one side, just enough to persuade the chasing soldiers that they were getting away so quickly that they wouldn’t have had time to sabotage the bridge. When the Japanese get there, that is exactly what they assume. However, due to the combined weight of the soldiers, the bridge gives way, but Captain Sakko and five others manage to cross before the bridge collapses. The deus ex machina is led by Major Harris of the Royal Marines, who informs Sakko as he arrests him that the war is already over, and the Japanese High Command has already surrendered to the Allies.

  3. They are two different stories. The one in JUDY 1306 (Jan 19 1985) -1315 (March 23 1985) is about Lucy Linton, a promising athlete who was paralysed in an accident for which she unjustly blames her twin sister, Lynne. It happened when Lucy was trying to prove that she could ride her bike home faster than her sister, who warned her to slow down. She didn’t, and going round a blind corner, she crashed into a tractor coming the other way.

    The one in SUZY 146 (June 22 1985) – 158 (September 14 1985), which replaced The Kids Of Camp Courage, tells the story of next-door neighbours Val Price and Jenny Brown, who were good friends until Val’s father won money on a Premium Bond. Mr Price buys a pony for Val from Mrs Hornsby whereas Jenny only gets one on loan. The two horses are aware of each other’s presence and kick their doors down to get to each other. It appears that Jenny’s Frosty and Val’s Snowflake are twins, and seem to be able to communicate telepathically with each other. It soon transpires that they are pining for each other., but the girls are falling out, and blaming each other for the problems their horses appear to have. The girls take their ponies to a Pony Club Camp so they can be together but the organisers separate them. In the night though, the ponies chew through their ropes and return to their original home. Mrs Hornsby decides to make Frosty’s loan to Jenny a permanent one.

    1. I’ve fixed those links now. Both the Judy and Suzy Twin Trouble story are from 1985, so must have got confused with link. Mandy also had a story with that name so quite a popular title!

    2. They should be separate, but the link was leading to the Judy story. But it must have been sorted now.

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