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Beaver Girl


Cassie Adams has been brought up with the Beaver Indians on their reservation by Blue Water lake. She is sent to school on the other side of the lake, where she learns that her Indian friends have been turned off the reservation to make way for a tourist area. To help her friends win back their land, Cassie uses her uncanny power over  beavers to lure the animals away from the old reservation and establish a new colony on an island near the school. Without the beavers to build their dams,the tourist area will quickly return to swampland. Norah Johnson is a spiteful girl who dislikes Cassie. Her father is chairman of the Tourist Board and, when he visits the school on Sports Day, Cassie accidentally overhears him outlining his plan to work the Indians in the mines as cheap labour.

beaver girl



  • Beaver Girl – Judy:  #93 (21 November 1961) – #104 (6 January 1962)