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Miss England’s Ugly Duckling


Miss Carol England was Class III’s new teacher at run-down Grime Street School in Graymill and was to be Graymill’s next Carnival Queen. To every-body’s surprise, under Miss England’s guidance, plain little Polly Meek won through the first and second rounds of  a contest to find a Carnival Princess. Unfortunately, though, Polly’s grasping aunt, with whom she lived, began taking an unwelcome interest in Polly’s success, thinking that there might be money to be made out of it.


  • Art: Paddy Brennan


  • Miss England’s Ugly Duckling – Judy: #733 (26 January 1974) – #750 (25 May 1974)

Patsy and Princess Vi


Patsy Reed and her friend Vi Smith live in Sandwell, a small seaside town. Vi’s family don’t have a lot of money so Patsy is delighted when her friend wins carnival princess with Patsy as her lady-in waiting. The prize includes lots of new clothes and functions to go to, but suddenly Vi’s attitude changes as she becomes snooty and demanding.


  • Art: Veronica Weir


  • Patsy and Princess Vi –  Mandy:   #1060 (09 May 1987) – #1067 (27 June 1987)