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Orphans of the Storm


When the pleasure steamer Storm founders, the only survivors are a handful of wealthy children and a maidservant called Tweenie (who had sneaked aboard). The children are taken in by fishing folk who exploit them and are out to profit from the fund that is being set up for “The Orphans of the Storm” as the press have dubbed them.



  • Artist: Oliver Passingham


  • Orphans of the Storm – Judy: #1102 (21 February 1981) – #1116 (30 May 1981)
  • Reprinted (as Judy Classic) – M&J: #215 (24 June 1995) – #229 (30 September 1995)


Sawdust Star


Sylvia Soames is trapped in a circus run by a cruel employer, Madame Minetti. She perfects a dangerous acrobatic act in the hope Madame Minetti will “sell” her to the circus run by the kindly Signor Costello. But then he dies and his circus is taken over by his nephew Guido. Guido is just as cruel as Madame Minetti, and now they are partners.




  • Sawdust Star– Judy:  #1081 (27 September 1980) – (#1089?)


Our Very Own Princess!


Zelda Smith works with her cruel uncle and aunt in a fake mind-reading act and is billed as Princess Zelda. She runs away and is befriended by some urchins who take her for a real princess. She maintains the pretence to keep herself in hiding.

Princess 1


  • Artist: Dudley Wynne


  • Our Very Own Princess! – Mandy: #1139 (12 November 1988) – #1146 (31 Dec. 1988)
  • Reprinted (as Mandy Classic) –  M&J: #245 (20 January 1996) – #252 (09 March 1996).


No Pity for Paula


Paula Travis is a cripple whose disability is exploited by her Aunt Mildred and Uncle Herbert. They force Paula to work as a beggar and profit from her earnings. The exploitation depends on Paula staying crippled – so things begin to change when Paula starts taking secret ballet lessons from Miss Freeman and her legs improve.



  • Artist: Tony Thewenetti


  • No Pity for Paula – Mandy: #168 (4  April 1970) – #177 (6 June 1970)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #577 (4  February 1978) –#586 (8 April 1978)
  • Reprinted (as Mandy Classic ) – M&J:  #119 (21 August 1993) – #128 (23 October 1993)