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Little Miss Busyfingers


It is the end of World War II. All the other evacuees have left the Larches, home to Misses Daphne and Edith Burntree. Vi (Violet) Lambeth has stayed on because the housekeeper, Mrs Porter, is kind to her. But then the Misses Burntree sack Mrs Porter and start using Vi as an unpaid servant. They also get rid of the piano Mrs Porter left Vi as a gift, so Vi has to find other ways of playing the piano. And Vi has to contend with bullies at school as well.



  • Text Story
  • Spot Art: Tom Hurst


  • Little Miss Busyfingers –  Mandy: (?) – #1238 (6 October 1990)


I’ll Show My Brothers!


Samantha Brent is the only female in the household and does not shine at sport like her brothers. This has her brothers and father taking her for granted, expecting her to wait on them all the time, and sneering at her for not being good at sport like them. Fed up with this, Samantha starts to secretly train as a rhythmic gymnast and show her brothers she can be a sporting success too.




  • I’ll Show My Brothers! –  Mandy: #1125 (6 August 1988) – #1138 (5 November 1988)


The Sad Star


Annabel Richards has lived with her cruel Aunt Flo and Uncle Fred Barlow since she was two and is forced to drudge for them and her cousins Celia and Shannon. When Annabel gets discovered by a modelling agency and is on the rise to television stardom, this leads to even more cruelty as her guardians set out to profit from her new job.

(The Sad Star – 1971)

Annabel 1
(The Sad Star – 1974)


  • When The Sad Star was remade as a picture story, its blurb said it was the most popular story-in-type to appear in Mandy. It was popular enough to be reprinted as a text story and as a picture story.


  • The Sad Star (text story) – Mandy:  #215 (27 February 1971) – (?)
  • Reprinted as picture story – Mandy: #365 (12 January 1974) – #377 (06 April 1974)
  • Reprinted as picture story – Mandy: #675 (22 December 1979) – #687 (15 March 1980)
  • Reprinted as text story – Mandy: #984 (23 November 1985) – (?)
  • Reprinted as picture story: Mandy #1147 (07 January 1989) – #1159 (1 April 1989)

Little Grasshopper


Liz Watson’s father is bone idle, so he never helps at home or takes a job. As a result, she gets lumbered with all the work around the house and taking jobs to raise money. Liz discovers she is a natural athlete and starts training, but having to train on top of all the work she has to do because of her lazy father is taking its toll. Even when Mr Watson is finally compelled to take a job, Liz still has to help him.



Artist: Rodney Sutton


  • Little Grasshopper – Judy:  #1060 (03 May 1980) – #1074  (09 August 1980)