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Destiny Calls Rosita


Rosita, a gypsy girl, is a pupil at Priory Ballet School. Signora Barelli hates Rosita for some reason and is trying to get rid of her. But Rosita’s grandmother is on hand when needed, and Rosita is also getting help from grandmother’s special powder which enables one to see visions in smoke when the powder is thrown into fire. One such vision gives a clue as to why Signora Barelli hates Rosita.

destiny calls rosita


  • Art: Candido Ruiz Pueyo (?)


  • Destiny Calls Rosita–  Bunty: # 926 (11 October 1975) – #961 (12 June 1976)

Before the Summer Ends…


New girl Tina James has become unpopular at Spencer High because of her strange behaviour. The problem is that Tina can see into the future, but the visions do not work out  exactly as she interpreted. But one prediction that Tina is convinced is right is that she will die before the summer ends.



  • Art: Sean Phillips
  • Translated into Dutch as ‘Geen toekomst voor Suzan’ (No future for Suzan) in Tina in 1990.


  • Before the Summer Ends… – Judy: #1564 (30 Dec 1990)- #1570 (10 February 1990)