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Mona Maid of Magic [1965]


Mona Masters, a promising magician, becomes apprentice to Merlina, aka the Black Witch. Merlina kidnaps three magicians to steal their secrets. Mona rescues them but burns her hands doing so. Merlina soon dies, but before she does she curses Mona’s hands, saying they will never heal. The hands refuse to heal and Mona is convinced Merlina’s curse is making her unable to perform magic again. However, the three grateful magicians are determined to help Mona overcome the problem and make her a famous magician.


  • Art: Emilio Frejo
  • A sequel, Mona The Maharaja’s Magician, ran in Bunty #429 (April 2 1966) – #438 (June 11 1966)


  • Mona Maid of Magic – Bunty: #365 (January 9 1965) – #375 (20 March 1965)

Mandy Complete Stories


Mandy had a number of complete one-off stories. Listed below.

Flo’s First Day

Things don’t go to plan on Flo Nightingale’s first day as a nurse, but the child patients think she is great, so maybe there is hope for her yet.

“The Camera Can’t Tell Lies”

Moira and her sister Jane get a job as extras on a film set. They take some photos around the set, when a star’s wallet is stolen the girls are accused, but they are able to prove their innocence with the photos they took earlier.

The Badge of Bravery

Story about Elizabeth Harris a nurse who earned a badge of bravery for her work during cholera epidemic in 1869 in India.

The Disappearing Girl

Complete text story. A girl volunteers for a conjuring act, which is visited by the ghost of the magician’s deceased assistant.



List of Stories:

  • Flo’s First Day – Mandy: #46 (2 Decmber 1967)
  • “The Camera Can’t Tell Lies” – Mandy: #115 (29 March 1969)
  • The Badge of Bravery – Mandy: #116 (5 April 1969)
  • Della in the Dark – Mandy: #345 (25 August 1973)
  • The Disappearing Girl (text) –  Mandy: #944  (16 February 1985)
  • Christmas Story – Mandy: #728 (27 December 1980)
  • New Year Story – Mandy: #729 (3 January 1981)
  • I’m a Tigerrrr! – Mandy: #732 (24 January 1981)
  • A-Hunting We Will Go! – Mandy: #733 (31 January 1981)
  • Halloween Story – Mandy: #772 (31 October 1981)
  • The Story of a Christmas Ghost (text) – Mandy: #780 (26 December 1981)
  • Christmas Courage – Mandy: #1250 (29 December 1990)


Our Very Own Princess!


Zelda Smith works with her cruel uncle and aunt in a fake mind-reading act and is billed as Princess Zelda. She runs away and is befriended by some urchins who take her for a real princess. She maintains the pretence to keep herself in hiding.

Princess 1


  • Artist: Dudley Wynne


  • Our Very Own Princess! – Mandy: #1139 (12 November 1988) – #1146 (31 Dec. 1988)
  • Reprinted (as Mandy Classic) –  M&J: #245 (20 January 1996) – #252 (09 March 1996).




Stacy Green’s father had been a very good stage magician, but when his wife was injured in a trick which went wrong, he stopped performing. Stacy and her mother wanted him to return to the stage and to try and encourage him, Stacy put together an act herself.



  • Art: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • Abracadabra!  –  Bunty:  #1763 (26 October 1991)  –  #1772 (28 December 1991)