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The Worst School in the World


Lucy Fielding, an orphan living in the early 19th Century,  has been sent by her guardian to a girls’ school in the North run by a cruel widow, Mrs Armstrong. To make extra money, Mrs Armstrong sends Lucy and two other girls, Mary and Betty, to work in a nearby coal mine.

wost school in world


  • Artist: Desmond Walduck


  • The Worst School in the World – Judy:  #481 (29 March 1969) – #492 (14 June 1969)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #986 (02 December 1978) – #997 (17 February 1979)




Columba, who has established a  community on the island of Iona, is escorting Clova, a princess of Dalriada, to the High King of the Picts to demand that he restore the Kingdom of Dalriada to its rightful rulers. On the way, Columba meets an old friend, Moloug. In their zeal to win new lands for their Master, Moloug and Columba quarrel.



  • Artist: Desmond Walduck (unconfirmed)


  • Clova  – Judy:  #449 (17 August 1968) – #460 (2 November 1968)