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Ride Into Danger [1983]

  • Ride Into Danger and other gripping stories – Bunty PSL: #243 [1983]


This book consists of 4 short stories, while not officially tied together, I would say there is a common theme of bravery in each story

Ride Into Danger

Kelly Johnson is out riding with her horse King, during stormy weather. She dismounts to try and navigate him along a narrow path, but suddenly it gives way and King falls down the steep incline into the bank below. Kelly manages to grab onto a root to stop herself falling in with him and she sees King is temporarily stopped from being swept away by a fallen tree. She will need to act quickly to help get him out, and she is hopeful when it turns out a surly neighbour Jim Selby, is nearby.  But when she asks for help, he tells her that he doesn’t have a rope and turns away. Kelly naturally is upset but she gathers herself and has an idea. She orders Selby to follow her lead and surprisingly he does They manage to dislodge some stones into the river making a temporary dam, so Kelly can wade in and fetch King. When she asks Jim what made him change his mind and help, he tells her he admired her pluck.

Night of Fear

Susan Martin is woken by storm. Her father, a police doctor, has to go out on an emergency call, leaving Susan in charge of her young sister, Althea. She has not settled back to bed yet when she sees a car crash just outside the house, and she goes to see if she can help. One of the men is unconscious in the car but his friend says it is best not to move him an asks to use her phone.  Susan agrees but she begins to suspect that all is not right. When he rings a friend rather than ambulance, she knows he is not to be trusted, but Althea has come downstair and she has to make sure she is safe.  He tells Susan to get any money they have in the house while Althea will stay with him. While getting the housekeeping money, Susan seea her dad arriving home, so she flicks on and off the kitchen lights to warn him, then  she locks the front house door. When she gives the man the money and he leaves room. she blocks the room  so he will be trapped on the hallway. The police who have arrived with Dr Martin arrest him It seems the call Dr Martin was called out to was a jewellery robbery and the police were following the car. The Sergeant  tells Susan she could think of police force as possible career, due to her quick thinking.

The Courage of Candy

Candy Scott’s mother was always fussing over her as she assumed she was delicate. She would give Candy medicine “just in case”, insist on her wearing a sun hat and says she shouldn’t run about too much. While they had a temporary house guest, a dog, Terry, Candy was enjoying some freedom, when she took him out for walks. On one of these occasions, Candy is enjoying having a lie down in the park, but she falls asleep and Terry is missing when she wakes up. Early the next morning Candy leaves home determined to find him. After a big trek she finds Terry being  being pushed into dog fighting for a gang of boys entertainment. Candy saves Terry and sprays the gang with water. After her adventure she returns home deciding she is no longer going to go along with mothers over protectiveness. A month later their relationship has much improved, and Candy has more freedom.

Bad News for Nancy

Sixteen year old, Nancy Clements, was minding her parents shop and her siblings, while her parents were away on holiday. Then she hears news on the radio that  her parents’ plane was missing and may have crashed. While her Aunt Mary is also helping out at the shop while they are away, Nancy begins to think of the future if her parents are dead. Her Aunt Mary would not be able to help out permanently and her youngest brother Alec, is only five so she would have to stay with him until he grows up. While she keeps the news from Alec, she does tell her other 2 siblings. Her other siblings also put on brave and practical faces, saying they will help around the house. Then their Dad rings! The plane only had a small crash with no major injuries. Nancy is so happy, she also thinks after a day like this,  in the future she’d be able to cope with anything.


Considering that these small booklets were only 64 pages and usually just had 2 panels per page, splitting that into 4 stories really means they have to get to point quickly and still tell an interesting story. There were many picture story library that had this short story format, and despite the limited space they usually were successful in telling a good story. A bit more unusual for this book, is the theme isn’t very apparent and the title comes from the first story rather than an anthology name to encompass all stories (unlike something like Scream! or Dolwyn’s Dolls). With only the small sub title “and other gripping stories” it doesn’t hint at what else to expect. At first glance of the cover, I thought they may all be horse stories, then when the second story also involved storm, I thought it might be the common thread  but after reading all four stories it does seem like “bravery” is the thing tying the stories together. Which can appear in different ways, whether it is bravery and quick thinking in perilous situations like Kelly and Susan, standing up for yourself like Candy or bravery in the face of terrible news like Nancy.

I think the stories worked pretty well, if I was to pick on the weakest it would probably be The Courage of Candy. It’s not a bad story but could have been expanded, to see more of Candy’s mother’s fussing and would have liked to see Candy’s actual confrontation with her at the end, instead it has one panel of Candy outside the house ready to talk to her mother and the next panel is one month later. There can be a reliance of “tell not show” in some of the stories but with limited space this is expected to a degree. Bad News for Nancy is quite dialogue/thought heavy but works for the story as Nancy tries to figure out what to do and still shows the weight of the news in her expressions. Night of Fear wraps up quite quickly but does what it needs to do.  Ride Into Danger has the most interesting visuals with the storm and horse in danger, so it is good choice to start of the book. It’s a quick, fun, read and I think the two strongest stories start and finish the book.

A Star Chance for Laddie


Rosemary Harris loved her dog Laddie, but when her mother was given a new flat, Laddie had to go. So Rosemary was delighted when he was offered a part in a TV series. But the star of the series, Jackie Lane, did not like Laddie or Rosemary and decided to get rid of them if she could.



  • A Star Chance for Laddie – Tracy: #80 (11 April 1981) – #90 (20 June 1981)

Bright Spark


After a litter had been born to one of the Logan’s sheep dogs, Kay Logan begged to keep the smallest pup which her father wanted to put down. Kay called the dog Spark but as he grew older and showed no inclination to train as a sheepdog, her father decided it was time for him to go. Kay found a home for him with old Peg and was secretly training him to become a dog show jumper.


  • Art: Guy Peeters


  • Bright Spark – Suzy: #61 (5 November 1983) – #70 (7 January 1984)

One Girl and her Dog [1983]


A peaceful loch-side had been horrifically interrupted when mysterious killers staged an “accident”, from which the only survivors were a girl who had lost her memory and the dog she relied on to protect her. Now the girl and her dog were walking down a shadowy street in a northern city.



  • Artist: Don Walker


  • One Girl and her Dog –  Judy:  #1217 (07 May 1983) – #1225 (02 July 1983)

Goldie – Little Dog Lost


In 1940 with her father lying in hospital injured after a German air-raid, Lindy Lewis is searching London for Goldie, her pet cocker spaniel, who has run away. Goldie is due to have pups any day. Lindy is living temporarily with Betty Tripp and her family. Betty’s sister, Mary, has lost the power of speech after an air-raid. Mary takes Lindy to a bomb site where she saw a stray spaniel. With the help of Rags, a mongrel Lindy has befriended, she recovers a spaniel puppy from a hide-out under some debris.




  • Goldie – Little Dog Lost – Emma: #54 (3 March 1979) – #64 (12 May 1979)

A New Home for Harvey


The adventures of a dog named Harvey. In the first story, A New Home for Harvey, after being abandoned, Harvey finds a new home with Pat and her family but then they have to move to an apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets. The family try and find a new home but Harvey is determined to stay with Pat.

In Here’s Harvey, Harvey  is trying to help Pat find her sister, Sara, a boyfriend, though it is proving more difficult than they thought.

In A Holiday for Harvey, him and Pat go to work at Sandhill Holiday Camp and Lucy the owner’s grandchild gets quite attached to Harvey.

In Harvey’s Hotel – Harvey and his owner Pat are helping Pat’s sister Sara and her husband Greg at the hotel they run.

In Harvey – Go Home!, Harvey is dognapped, he escapes but needs to find his way home to Pat. He gets in many adventures on the way.

harvey go home



  • A New Home for Harvey – Tracy: #01 (06 October 1979) – #13 (29 December 1979)
  • Here’s Harvey – Tracy: #55 (18 October 1980)- #66 (3 January 1981)
  • A Holiday for Harvey – Tracy: #93 (11 July 1981) – #104 (26 September 1981)
  • Harvey’s Hotel – Tracy:   #151 (21 August 1982) – #161 (30 October 1982)
  • Harvey – Go Home! – Tracy: #239 (28 April 1984) – #277 (19 January 1985)
  • Harvey – Go Home!  –  Judy & Tracy: #1306 (19 January 1985) – (?)

Doctor Fido


Thirteen year old Sally Downes lived at Bridge House Children’s Home where she liked helping out with the younger children. When an injured dog wandered into the grounds, Sally took care of him, and he bacame a firm favourite with the children, who named him Doctor Fido.

A different version turns up in a Bunty Picture Story Library book. Nurse Jill Elliot gets a job at Endervale Children’s Home and brings her dog Fido, who she’s owned since he was a pup. The Matron isn’t too happy but the children beg her to let the dog stay and they nickname him Doctor Fido.



  • Doctor Fido –  Bunty:  #1687 (12 May 1990)  –  #1697 (21 July 1990)

Other Appearances:

  • Doctor Fido – Bunty Picture Story Library: #359