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And Jumbo Went, Too


The Jay family were promoting the products of the Hannibal Hardware Company by following the famous general’s footsteps across Europe and over the Alps. Because Hannibal had originally made the journey with a troop of elephants, the Jays had brought their own elephant, Jumbo, on the journey.

and jumbo went too


  • Art: Jim Baikie


  • And Jumbo Went, Too  Judy:  #1116 (30  May 1981) – #1124 (25 July 1981)

Elsie’s Elephant


On Elsie Carter’s  birthday, a strange present arrived! Elsie’s Uncle Charlie, who lived in Africa, had decided to send her a monkey—but due to a mix-up on the way, Elsie received the wrong crate. And so Hortense, the ‘baby elephant, arrived at Carter’s Coal and Fruit Emporium, much to the surprise of Elsie and her parents.



  • Elsie’s Elephant – Mandy: #195 (10 October 1970) – (?)