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Hayley in the House of Fear


Hayley Russell is spending  an un-expected holiday with her aunt  Adelaide in a gloomy house on a cliff which is gradually crumbling into the sea. Every night her aunt  signals out to sea with a lamp and waits for a mysterious person  to appear. Hayley is anxious to solve the mystery.

hayley_house_of _fear


  • Artist: Emilo Frejo Abegón


  • Hayley in the House of Fear–  Diana: #303 (07 Dec 1968) – #316 (08 Mar 1969)


Starr of Wonderland


Diana Starr’s millionaire father Sir Arnold Starr built an amusement park named Wonderland, that is full of historical interests, excitement and surprises  aimed at children.   Diana works as a winged messenger (complete with flying suit) for the park, sorting out any problems that arise.




  • Artist:  Emilo Frejo Abegón


  • Starr of  Wonderland–  Diana: #168 (07 May 1966) – #177 (09 July 1966)
  • Starr of  Wonderland–  Diana: #187 (17 September 1966) – 204?
  • Starr of  Wonderland  Diana: #245 (28 October 1967) – #258 (27 January 1968)

Other Appearances

  • Starr of  Wonderland – Diana Annual 1968
  • Starr of  Wonderland – Diana Annual 1969