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The Secret Power of Suzy Smith


Something crashes beyond the town of Greenstead. When Joe Smith and Bill Bows investigate the site they find a baby with a strange star mark on her forehead. The baby is unclaimed, so the Smiths adopt her and name her Suzy. Twelve years later, Suzy investigates the site and finds a strange glowing ball that begins to have strange effects on her, including giving her powers but also controlling her mind.

Meanwhile, the planet Zair is receiving signals from their ship that crashed on Earth twelve years ago, and the Zairians realise there is a survivor. They soon track Suzy down and start using her for invasion plans of Earth because their sun is set to explode.



  • Artist: Ernesto Garcia Seijas


  • The Secret Power of Suzy Smith –  Debbie: #186 (4 September 1976) – #195 (6 November 1976)