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The Search for Sister Sarah


Orphan Jane Ackroyd seemed destined to end up in a workhouse, until she discovered she had a sister, Sarah who had run off to join the circus many years before. Sarah had built up a reputation as a juggler and somehow Sarah’s old doll had the special ability of giving Jane glimpses of Sarah.



  • The Search for Sister Sarah – Suzy: #214 (11 October 1986) – #222 (6 December 1986)

Search the World Over


In 1800, Emma Jennings, unaware that she was the true heir to the rich Ferney estate in England, was searching for her foster brother, Tommy, who had been transported to Australia for stealing pheasants’ eggs. She had travelled through the wild bush country with Mrs Hillingdon, her daughter, Amanda, and their armed servants, acting as their maid and cook. The Hillingdons found Emma too useful and wouldn’t let her go, blackmailing her by saying that they would accuse her of stealing her own mule, Ebenezer, if she left in search of her brother.

search world over


  • Art: Bert Hill


  • Search the World Over –  Judy: #1131 (12 Sep.  1981) – #1142 (28 Nov. 1981)

Yum-Yum in Search of her Sister


Yum-Yum Tang, a little Japanese girl, came to  England to meet her sister, Kimi, star of an Ice Show run by Mr Tenjo. Mr Tenjo told Yum-Yum that Kimi had died in a fire, but Yum-Yum knew this was not true as she found two messages from Kimi, one of which warned her that Mr Tenjo was dangerous. In an effort to find her sister, Yum-Yum followed the skating company to Tidesea.



  • Yum-Yum in Search of her Sister – Diana: #26 (17 August 1963) – #36 (26 Oct. 1963)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #694 (3 May 1980) – #704 (12 July 1980)