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The Truth about Sandy Starr


Stand-in Sandy Starr arranges an “accident” for Dina Dean, the star of a new film. But then Sandy finds her crime is bringing its own punishment. Her accomplice Sibylla starts blackmailing her, she is getting threatening anonymous letters, and then Dina’s brother and mother discover Sandy and Sibylla were responsible for her accident.



  • Artist: Julio Bosch?
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “De waarheid over Sandy Starr” – Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).


  • The Truth about Sandy Starr –  #700 (14 June 1980) – #711 (30 August 1980)


Dangerous Days for Diana [1966]


In the High Sierras, near the Mexican border, a film called “Dangerous Days for Diana”‘ is being made. The hero of the film, Kerr Dunglass, and the heroine, young Diana Wint, are worried because the film’s story seems to he coming true as far as their own lives are concerned.

dangerous days for diana



  • Dangerous Days for Diana – Judy: #314 (15 January 1966) – (?)

Safari Sue


Young Sue Dale helps her uncle and aunt, Jim and Judy Truman, to produce thrilling television films of African wild life. She has the gift of making friends with animals and their home in Kenya is crowded with pets of every kind.

safari sue


  • Art: Desmond Walduck


  • Safari Sue – Judy:  #183 (13 July 1963) – #209?

Other Appearances:

  • Safari Sue – Judy Annual 1964
  • Safari Sue – Judy Annual 1965
  • Safari Sue – Judy Picture Story Library: #11