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Shivery Shirley


When Kelly Bond’s mother opens a school at Charity Hall, Kelly discovers it is haunted by Shivery Shirley, a kitchen maid who died of the cold in prison after being wrongly accused of theft. Everywhere Shirley goes, cold and icy blasts follow her, hence her nickname.


Artist: Douglas Perry


  • Shivery Shirley –  Bunty: #1310 (19 February 1983) – #1318 (12 March 1983)
  • Bunty annual 1984

Darke Days


The Darke family change house, and strange things begin to happen. Melissa Darke, who is superstitious, senses bad vibes, and they seem to be focused on the pendant she wears. The family starts arguing for no reason, noises are heard in the night, and an apparition appears among other spooky things.

darke days


  • Artist: Veronica Weir


  • Darke Days-  Bunty: #2127 (17 October 1998) – (?)