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The Circus Slave


Lucy Lester had agreed to do a ballerina on horseback act in her uncle’s circus. She had been led to believe, by her uncle, that her act would help pay her mother’s medical bills abroad. Her Uncle wanted her to do more daring stunts. Lucy’s trainer was Madame Cocola who used to be a dog trainer, she believed she could get Lucy to be as obedient as her dogs.

circus slave



  • The Circus Slave – Debbie: circa #64 (4 May 1974) – #73 (6 July 1974)

Chalk and Cheese


Cindy Seers and Sarah Jameson were very different but they both loved horses and riding. The girls were entered for a pony club dressage and jumping competition. In spite of their differences they qualified.


  • Art: Edmond Ripoll


  • Chalk and Cheese –  Bunty:  #1722 (12 January 1991) –  #1728 (23 February 1991)



Diane in the Dark


Diane Morgan and her horse, Flyover, were big show-jumping winners until Diane was almost blinded in a car crash. Determined not to give up riding, Diane decided to train Flyover as a show hack. Diane met Leon Franklyn, the young inventor of a blind-aid device which he called the Echo-eye. Diane found the Echo- eye a great help, and she and Leon hoped that by demonstrating it at horse shows, they would inspire some firm to manufacture it. So far they had only attracted the attention of a swindler who wanted to copy the invention.


  • Artist: Dudley Wynne


  • Diane in the Dark – Mandy: #173 (9 May 1970) – #181 (4 July 1970)