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The Spoilt One


Rich, spoilt,orphan Stacey Berridge, living in the England of 1935, bullied Anna, a kitchen-maid into helping her run off on a day trip to Calais. But, on the same day, Mireille Duval, a young jewel thief who was Stacey’s double, escaped on her way to a reformatory. She knocked Stacey down, stole her handbag and made off, leaving Stacey in the hands of the gendarmes, who were convinced that she was Mireille.

spoilt one


  • Art: Don Walker


  • The Spoilt One–  Judy: #1135 (10 October 1981) – #1146 (26 December 1981)

The Evil of Emily


Kate Williams is about to be adopted by Lord and Lady Lester when she is badly burned in fire caused by nasty Emily West. When she recovers, she discovers that Emily is posing as her to be adopted in her place. Kate goes into the household as a scullery maid to expose Emily, but is impeded by the loss of her voice from the fire and being illiterate. She is overcoming the latter by learning to write, but Emily keeps sabotaging her efforts to prove her identity, and eventually gets her thrown into prison.



  • Artist: John Woods


  • The Evil of Emily – circa #1316 (2 April 1983) – #1329 (2 July 1983)

The Impostor!


Scheming maidservant Hetty Brown tricks the Honourable Harriet Mannering into trading places with her. Harriet strives to prove her identity agains the increasingly nasty tricks from Hetty to stop her, and and in the meantime Harriet is discovering how hard the life of a servant can be.



  • Artist: Douglas Perry


  • The Impostor! – #1946 (29 April 1995) – #1957 (15 July 1995)