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Botany Belle


The scheming governess Miss Fallon switches Lady Merrilee Manners, the ward of Sir Anthony Manners and heiress to Roxham Hall, with Belle Thorn, a thief. As a result, Lady Merrilee gets five years in Botany Bay for theft while Miss Fallon passes off Belle as Merrilee.



  • Botany Belle –  Bunty: #1554 (24  October 1987) – #1565 (09 January 1988).

Remember – You’re My Sister!


Rose Carlton was adopted at the age of four and has a comfortable life with her adopted parents. But Rose wishes she could find her sister, who had gone with relatives when the natural parents died and they could not take Rose as well. When sneaky Iris Smith finds out, she pretends to be that lost sister to take advantage of Rose and the good life she has.



  • Artist: Andrew Wilson


  • Remember – You’re My Sister! –  Mandy: #982 (9 November 1985) – (?)