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  • Angie –  Emma: #01 (26 February 1978) – #09 (29 April 1978)
  • Art: Ian Kennedy


Angie Martin, a district nurse sets out in the morning to visit patients. She intends to drop her younger sister, Sally, to school along the way. Unknown to her, not too far away, a bullion robbery is taking place as 3 armed men take on a security van. One of the security men goes to raise the alarm and a robber (Lonny) threatens him with a gun. Another robber (Jimmy) intervenes, but gets shot himself. The three men escape but Jimmy needs medical attention. They spot Angie and take her and Sally so she can fix Jimmy up.  They hear on the radio that the police now know Lonny’s name due to Jimmy’s slip up, so they dump their van, and hide out in an empty cottage.  Angie starts to think about how her and her sister can escape, she slips tablets into the men’s tea, but luck isn’t on her side as Lonny spills his drink and she has no more tablets to use. When Jimmy and Vic pass out, Lonny figures she is involved and ties her up.


Angie takes advantage of every opportunity she has to escape. Lonny is clearly the leader of the gang and is more wary of keeping an eye on Angie. He catches her trying to phone for help and locks her and Sally in the attic nursery. Angie finds a balloon and felt tip pens and uses them to get a message outside. The balloon is found by some kids who give it to the police.  Unfortunately before they get to the cottage,  the arrival of tourists at the cottage has made the gang go on the run again. When the police get to cottage they free the tourists and are soon in pursuit of the gang.

angie 2

The cops surround them at a filling station but Lonny threatens Angie and Sally’s lives, so they are able to hijack the police helicopter. Sergeant Smith manages to slip a transmitter to Angie before they get on the helicopter. They plan to fly to France but a storm forces them to land on a ship. They smash all communication devices on the ship, but the captain has a plan – when it gets dark he will turn them around so they get dropped off at Dorset, rather than France. When they land one sailor tries to get gun off Jimmy, but is knocked out by Vic, Angie attends to him. The gang believe they are in France and don’t know that the captain of the ship has managed to contact the police on the helicopter radio.

While Lonny and Vic go to look for transport, Jimmy is told to keep Angie and Sally in a cave, out of sight. As they are so exhausted all three of them fall asleep and they wake up to find the tide has come in and they are trapped. Sally manages to slip out a hole to go for help, only to run into Vic and Lonny. Angie and Jimmy will have to swim for it but Jimmy can’t with his injured arm. Angie swims Jimmy to safety, and he makes note that she has saved his life again.

His gratitude to Angie is seen when after another escape attempt Vic strikes Angie, Jimmy is quick to defend her. The gang figure they are not in France when police catch up with them, but they have stolen a tank and smash up the police car. They hide out in a forest where Vic accidentally starts a fire, Jimmy helps Angie and Sally onto the tank but falls off himself.  Angie is the only one concerned enough to go back and help him. The gang attempt to cross a foot bridge with the tank because they won’t leave the gold behind, the bridge collapses leaving them all in the water. Angie and Sally manage to escape and take a boat but the gang pursue them. Both Vic and Lonny take aim to shoot Angie but Jimmy stops them, jerking the steering wheel. Vic shoves Jimmy out of the boat. They catch up on Angie and grab her, leaving Sally on the boat headed for a weir. Lonny and Vic plan to use Angie as a hostage to get back their gold, that has been found by the police. Meanwhile Jimmy having gotten out of the water sees Sally in trouble and saves her. Knowing she needs to get to a hospital he brings her to the police station and hands himself in.


With Angie as their hostage, Lonny and Vic get the police to hand over the gold and their uniforms.  Soon after when Angie escapes she doesn’t just run, after all they’ve done to her she is not going to let them get away. Using a crane she catches their boat and the police arrive to arrest them. She meets up with her parents and goes to see Sally in hospital.  They discuss Jimmy’s fate, it turns out he will be let off light due to his good actions and turning himself in and Mr Martin will even give him a job when he gets out of jail.


This is a good action story, the pace doesn’t let up and Ian Kennedy does a great job at showing the action scenes. Like the above car chase shows, Kennedy uses a variety of angles to keep the action interesting and fast paced. Whatever the location, from water to forest, he does a superb job of capturing the place.

The fast pace of the story is set up effectively in the first issue when the time is tracked throughout; 8.35 Angie leaves her house, 8.47 the robbery takes place, 12.30 Mrs Martin is worried and 8.00pm Angie tied up and can’t believe only 12 hours have passed since she got up in the morning. After the first issue the tracking of time stops, but the story doesn’t slow down. Sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous when the gang manage to hijack 2 cars, a helicopter, a ship, a boat and a tank! But really you aren’t given much time to dwell on it.

Angie is clearly a resourceful and determined character. When ever she sees an opportunity to escape, she jumps on it. She smartly hides the tracker she gets from the police in Sally’s bandage. She is also quick thinking in stopping the gang from escaping at the end. Not only is she tough she shows her high morals and why she makes a good nurse when she not only helps the people the gang hurt, but also goes out of her way to save Jimmy several times.


The gang are easy to characterise, Vic is the tough and mean leader, Lonny is a bit dimmer but equally nasty, while right away Jimmy proves himself to be the most sympathetic of the gang, and shows he has a conscience. Even before Angie earned his gratitude he is shown to be against anyone getting hurt. The only reason he got shot was because he wanted to protect the security guard from Vic. In the end he could have just left Sally at the door of the police station but he does the right thing and hands himself in. Also very charitable of Mr Martin to give him a job, considering he was involved in a kidnap even if he did save his daughter’s life. We don’t get a lot of background on the gang, so we don’t know how Jimmy got involved with Vic and Lonny in the first place, whether he previously had a criminal record or just fell in with a bad crowd, or was really needing the money. Still it’s nice to hear that he will be given a second chance after he gets out and we hope he’ll use the opportunity wisely.

The Emma comic didn’t last too long, which is a pity because I think it had some strong stories (like this one) and had a fresh take on some of the usual formulas.

Little Star


Estrellita, known as Lita, the daughter of Senor  Ramon Vallendex, president of the small South American Republic of Boravia, was a member of the national gymnastics team. The forces of the former dictator, General Raoul Domenquez, kidnapped Lita and the team, hoping to force the president’s hand, but the team, under the leader-ship of their coach, Senorita Carla Manderos, escaped from the rebels’ headquarters.

little star



  • Little Star  –  Judy:  #972 (26 August 1978) –  #984 (11 November 1978)

Dangerous Days for Diana [1975]


Diana Marsden’s father, a customs officer at  the London Docks, had been framed by a gang, and sent to prison. When the gang rescued one of their members on the way to prison, they found him handcuffed to Mr Marsden, and were forced to take both men.Diana had picked up an identity bracelet belonging to one of the crooks, but, on her way to the police, she was kidnapped. dangerous days for diana 2


  • Not to be confused with other stories of similar names: Dangerous Days for Diana
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Gevaar voor Deiana” – Debbie Groot mysterieboek #27 (1981).


  • Dangerous Days for Diana – Judy:  #828 (22 November 1975) – #839 (7 February 1976)


Dark Danger


Blind Sue Taylor’s father has made her a walking stick with an attachment that helps her to walk alone. She is testing it in a maze when Irene Kayak, the daughter of the President of Slavonia, is kidnapped. Sue believes she can identify the kidnappers, a man and a woman, by their voices, and by the smell of the man’s tobacco and the woman’s scent.

dark danger


  • Art: Ian Kennedy


  • Dark Danger – Judy:   circa #439 (08 June 1968) – #448 (10 August 1968)

The Bubble Ballerinas


Jenna Jones and her friend Lyn Marshall  were attending ballet class at the well known Demar School of Ballet, which was run by famous ballerina Madame Alice Demar – when the entire school is abducted by mysterious giant bubbles. They are takenremote island to teach Zuleika, the daughter of a wealthy Sultan, to dance. This is no easy task as Zuleika is not only a spoiled brat but also way too tubby to be a ballerina.



  • Art: Ron Smith


  • The Bubble Ballerinas –  Bunty:   #823 (20 October 1973) – #839 (9 February 1974)


The Lambs and the Fox


Because they had seen a gang carry out a gold robbery, Chris Lamb and her little sister, Debbie, were kidnapped by the gang. Its leader, Stan Perry—known as The Fox because of his cunning —took the girls along with him and his wife, Vi. He meant to use them as hostages if his plans went wrong.



  • The Lambs and the Fox – Mandy: #219 (27 March 1971) – #232 (26 June 1971)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #650 (30 June 1979) – #663 (29 September 1979)