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The Only Girl in the World


One night all the children in the town where Louisa lived, were summoned by a mysterious light that settled on top of a nearby hill. The children were never seen again except for Louisa who had been too slow ro join them because of her lame leg. However the urge to find the mysterious light caused Louisa to leave home with her her dog, Toby.


  • Text Story
  • Spot Art: David Matysiak


  • The Only Girl in the World –  Debbie: #392 (16 August 1980) – #401(18 October 1980)

Peril on Paradise Island


Kay and Marion Digby along with Jean Ritchie, a friend, had set sail to an uncharted area of the Caribbean Sea in search of their father Professor Digby, who was unaccountably missing. After being caught in a tornado, the girls found them-selves on a strange exotic floating island of weeds and flowers.

peril on paradise island


  • Art: Jordi Franch


  • Peril on Paradise Island – Spellbound: #61 (19 Nov. 1977) – #69 (14 Jan. 1978)