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Jane Model Miss


Jane Morgan lives with her widow mother Julie, who was a model. In her first appearance Julie has just been fired from her modelling job and Jane is still in school.  Jane helps her mother as much as she can and already shows herself to be a talented fashion designer.  She goes onto become a  model and a famous fashion designer and gets the opportunity to travel around the world and even solve a mystery or two.



  • Artist: Pamela Chapeau


  • Jane Model Miss–  Diana: #03 (09 March 1963) – ?
  • Jane Model Miss–  Diana: circa #153 (22 January 1966) – ?
  • Jane Model Miss–  Diana: #187 (17 September 1966) – ?
  • Jane Model Miss–  Diana: #309 (18 January 1969)- ?

Other Appearances

  • Jane Model Miss – Diana Annual 1969
  • Jane Model Miss – Diana Annual 1973