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Annie Shepherd, an orphan loved children so was happy to find employment as a nanny. The stories were set in the early 20th century and followed her in different jobs. One such  post  was with Mr and Mrs Hamilton who had one child Harriet, aged 7. Harriet was desperately unhappy and hated her parents, but would not say why.  At another household  the father wants his daughters to be proper ladies, but this causes trouble.


  • Artist: Tony Thewenetti
  • The first serial was advertised as Tracy’s “Big Story” and usually had 6 pages per issue.


  • Annie – Tracy: #174 (29 January 1983) – #178 (26 February 1983)
  • Annie – Tracy: #184 (9 April 1983) – #185 (16 April 1983)
  • Annie – Tracy: #192 (4 June 1983)