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Nutmeg – The Horse with a Mind of His Own


Show-jumping story told from the point of view of the horse, Nutmeg. In the sequel Nutmeg at the Olympic Games, Nutmeg makes it to the Montreal Olympics, but has problems with competing, including a jealous horse tampering with his feed and being unjustly expelled from the team.

Another sequel appeared in Judy with a different artist,  Nutmeg and Fritz. Nutmeg now an Olympic gold medal winning horse,  could not get on with his overbearing German cousin, Fritz. Nutmeg kept trying to outsmart Fritz, usually without success. Now a newcomer, Skewie, had arrived at the stables and Nutmeg was showing what he could do.



nutmeg and fritz
(Nutmeg and Fritz, Judy 1989)


  • Artist: Andy Tew (Debbie 1975/1976)
  • Artist: Peter Foster (Nutmeg and Fritz, Judy 1989)


  • Nutmeg -The Horse With a Mind of His Own –  Debbie:  #140 (18 October 1975) – #151 (3 January 1976)
  • Nutmeg at the Olympic Games –  Debbie: #181 (31 July 1976) – #188 (18 September 1976)
  • Nutmeg and Fritz – Judy: #1525 (01 April 1989) – #1535 (10 June 1989)