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Meg – the Hunted One


In the early 17th century, a  young girl called Meg lived alone on Exmoor. She had been brought up by an elderly woman Blind Biddy, But, when she was fourteen, Meg found herself alone after Blind Biddy had been condemned and put to death by Josh Mortiboys, a wealthy landowner, who had sworn that Meg would share the same fate. Meg had been, staying with a lawyer who had befriended her, but, one nighty Mortiboys came looking for her. She ran away over the moor from the protection of Lawyer Miller’s house and of Jack Oakley, a friendly farmer, whom Meg had helped earlier. With her pet raven and her deer, she fled across the rain-swept moorland.


  • Art: Phil Gascoine (unconfirmed)


  • Meg – the Hunted One – Judy: #631 (12 February 1972) – #642 (29 April 1972)

Doomed Not to Dance


Val Greig was  the most promising student at the Laurent Ballet School, until an accident damaged her leg.  It doesn’t heal as quickly as she likes and she is unable to go on a tour with the company during the Summer. Miss Laurent her teacher tells her to practice over while they are away and she will have a test after the Summer to see if she can rejoin the company.

doomed not to dance


  • Artist: Phil Gascoine?


  • Doomed Not to Dance  – Judy:  610 (18 September 1971) – (?)