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Little Miss Busyfingers


It is the end of World War II. All the other evacuees have left the Larches, home to Misses Daphne and Edith Burntree. Vi (Violet) Lambeth has stayed on because the housekeeper, Mrs Porter, is kind to her. But then the Misses Burntree sack Mrs Porter and start using Vi as an unpaid servant. They also get rid of the piano Mrs Porter left Vi as a gift, so Vi has to find other ways of playing the piano. And Vi has to contend with bullies at school as well.



  • Text Story
  • Spot Art: Tom Hurst


  • Little Miss Busyfingers –  Mandy: #1232 (25 August 1990) – #1243 (10 November 1990)


The Pink Piano


Dan McCabe’s family are travelling across America to start a new life in Texas. Along the way they make friends with two cowboys, not knowing they are actually bank-robbers. They hide the stolen money in Jill McCabe’s piano, and plan to pick up the money again when the family reach the next town.

pink piano



  • The Pink Piano –  Bunty: #117 (09 April 1960) – #128 (25 June 1960)

Other Appearances:

  •  The Pink Piano –  Bunty Annual 1961