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First-Time Faith


Faith Hope, determined to get her name into a local firm’s Book of Records, kept on trying to do things that had never been done before. She usually involved her friends in her escapades and, as failure followed failure, Faith’s ideas grew wilder.

first time faith


  • Art: Jim Baikie (unconfirmed)


  • First-Time Faith  – Judy: #1017 (07 July 1979) – #1026 (08 September 1979)

Other Appearances:

  • First-Time Faith  Judy Annual 1981
  • First-Time Faith  Judy Annual 1982
  • First-Time Faith  Judy Annual 1987


Rita the Record Breaker


Rita Rodgers was determined to get her name in the Gainless Book of Records, but so far her record breaking attempts were unsuccessful.


  • The Gainless Book of Records is clearly a substitute for Guinness Book of Records, maybe name was changed due to copyright or potentially so they were not advertising alcohol.


  • Rita the Record Breaker – Mandy: #504 (11 September 1976) – #514 (20 November 1976)