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Fiona of the Fells / Faith of Fell Rescue


Fiona Barton is the youngest member of the Shap Fell Rescue Team, organised and led by Matt Turner. The team is often called out in the Yorkshire Fell district to rescue animals and inexperienced rock-climbers and pot-holers. One day Fiona comes across a gypsy family in the Fells and a girl that has a good rapport with animals. The story returns in 1972, but her name is changed to Faith.fiona of the fells



  • Fiona of the Fells – Judy:  #365 (07 January 1967) – #371 (18 February 1967)
  • Faith of Fell Rescue – Judy: #641 (22 April 1972) – #642 (29 April 1972)

Other Appearances:

  • Faith of Fell Rescue – Judy Annual 1973