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The Runaway Rogers


The four Rogers children, whose parents  disappeared on a trip abroad, ran away from a children’s home to their Aunt Margedd’s cottage in North Wales —only to find the place empty and deserted. Ben and Danny Rogers followed a shepherd boy into the mountains at night and were led to Aunt Margedd, living in a ruined chapel. But when Ben and Twm, the shepherd, boy, returned to the cottage for Agnes and Connie, they found it burning fiercely.



  • The Runaway Rogers – Judy: #565 (7 November 1970) – #573 (2 January 1971)

The Hideaway Harpers


The Harper family were living in London at the start of WW2, when their father was reported missing and their mother taken ill. The children, Iris, Tony, Dinah and Sally were evacuated to country but when they were found they were to be separated they went hiding in the woods.



  •   The Hideaway Harpers – Suzy: #121(29 December 1984) – #130 (2 March 1985)

A Secret Place


When Molly Manders’ parents drowned, shock made her young sister, Katie, lose all memory of the accident. A couple named Hobson wanted to adopt Katie only, but the sisters ran away to a secret cave behind a waterfall. They were befriended by a wild boy, Colin, and later by a reporter, Bill Owen, who went to London to enquire about a locket Katie wore, which the Hobsons wanted. When Katie fell into the river, her memory began to return.

secret place


  • Art: Eduardo Feito


  • A Secret Place – Judy:  #905 (14 May 1977) –  #914 (16 July 1977)