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Sadie’s Sewing Machine


In 1870s Colorado, Sadie Heritage, her father and her brother Rolf’s family arrive in the boom town of Kowawa Springs. The men of the family find it difficult to get work, but Sadie is making ends meet with her sewing machine. The men eventually find good jobs, but Rolf’s family are still hanging on and expect Sadie to slave for them all the time.


  • Art: E C Julien


  • Sadie’s Sewing Machine –  Bunty: no publication dates currently available

Meg Among the Slaves


In Victorian times, Meg Jackson applies for a sewing job at Hamble’s, the poshest store in London. She ends up at Hamble’s seamstress school, but discovers that Mr Jones the manager and his sister are cruel employers who make their apprentices work in appalling conditions. Then Meg begins to suspect Mr Jones of stealing from the store.




  • Meg Among the Slaves – Mandy: #195 (10 October 1970) – (?)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #586 (08 April 1978) – #598 (01 July 1978)
  • Reprinted – Mandy:  #958 (25 May 1985) – #971 (24 August 1985)


Make-and-Mend Molly


At the end of last century, in a northern mill town, young Molly Bolton was supporting her two sisters and herself with their old sewing machine. Molly vowed that they would never work at Arkell’s mill, where the had conditions had caused the deaths of both their parents. For helping the townspeople against him, mill-owner Joss Arkell turned Molly and her sisters out of their cottage. Rose, who had never been strong, collapsedand the local doctor made Joss Arkell give the girls an attic room in his house where Rose could be nursed back to health. Then a mob attacked the mill. Joss Arkell pleaded with Molly to try to calm the rioters and save his property.



  • Make-and-Mend Molly – Mandy: circa #214 (20 February 1971) – (?)