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Send for Sally


Sally Kemp, an orphan girl brought up in the circus, is happy to be taken on as a secretary by her Uncle Max, a film producer. She isn’t too happy when Max wants her to be a part time stunt girl too.

send for sally


  • Not to be confused with “Send for Sally” that appeared in Girl comic (1962).


  • Send for Sally  – Judy:  610 (18 September 1971) – (?)


Nine-Lives Lyn


Lyn Shaw is employed by the Yewtree Film Company as a stand-in for the stars. Because of Lyn’s daring performances, new-comer Shelley Ross becomes a star overnight by claiming to perform her own stunts. Shelley’s father, who is a director of the film company, realises that without Lyn, Shelley wouldn’t remain a star; so he tricks Lyn into believing that his daughter hasn’t long to live.

nine lives lyn



  • Nine-Lives Lyn – Judy:  #184 (20 July 1963) – #190 (31 August 1963)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1114 (16 May 1981)  – #1120 (27 June 1981)

Bike Rider


Sandy Clark’s uncle, an inventor, had built her an unusual bike – a computerised super bike that could talk and even fly. But only Sandy and her uncle knew about its unusual powers, everyone else wonders who the mysterious rider was.

bike rider


  • Art: Robert MacGillivray


  • Bike Rider –  Bunty:    #1429 (01 June 1985) – ?


Other Appearances:

  • Bike Rider –  Bunty Annual 1990