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Visit to Venus [1967]


In the year 2004, the first mission to Venus arrives on the planet. It loses contact with Earth and is given up for dead. In fact the crew (Captain Coleman and his daughter Vanessa,  and three crew members) are alive and fighting to survive against a dwindling supply of oxygen. Vanessa accidentally spills seeds on Venusian soil, which soon grow into super-growing trees. Then dangers threaten the astronauts, including a Venusian monster and their spaceship sinking into quicksand.


  • Artist: Douglas Perry


  • Visit to Venus – Bunty: circa #488 (20 May 1967) – (?)

In Fear of Fire Mountain


Trudy, Pru, Jo, Mel and their injured teacher Miss Martin end up on a Pacific island after their yacht is wrecked. Unfortunately a volcano is due to erupt, and then it does. Their only hope is the last remaining islander, Sam, who has not evacuated, and his submarine. But Sam gets knocked out at the critical moment of evacuation!



  • Artist: Terry Aspin


  • In Fear of Fire Mountain –  Debbie: #132 (23 August 1975) – #141 (25 October 1975)

The Guardian Tree


In 1840, the Shaw children are orphaned and Rose, the eldest, is left in charge. They move into a cave in the roots of a tree they call the Guardian Tree because it seems to watch over them, protect them and give them advice and comfort in their fight for survival. They also have to keep their tree home secret from Matthew Crowe, the Parish beadle who means to put the younger children in the workhouse.

Guardian Tree


  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones
  • First printed as text story, later updated to picture story


  • The Guardian Tree (text story)Mandy: #300 (14 Oct.1972) – #316 (03 Feb. 1973)
  • Reprinted (as picture story) – Mandy: #439 (14 June 1975) – #453 (20 Sep. 1975)
  • Reprinted (as picture story) – Mandy: #709 (16 August 1980) – #723 (22 Nov. 1980)
  • Abridged text story reprinted – Mandy: #1000 (15 March 1986) – #1014 (21 June 1986)
  • Reprinted (as picture story) – Mandy: #1175 (22 July 1989) – #1189 (28 October 1989).
  • Reprinted as picture story  (Mandy Classic) – M&J: #230 (07 October 1995) – #244 (13 January 1996)

Other Appearances:

  • The Guardian Tree  – Mandy Annual 1976