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The Face of Evil


Cara and Rhoda Hemmings, identical twins,  were orphaned as babies. Rhoda was adopted by a wealthy lady named Mrs Gasket, but Cara grew up in an orphanage. When Rhoda was killed in a boating accident, and her adopted mother was seriously injured, Cara was asked to take her sister’s place until Mrs Gasket was well enough to take the news of Rhoda’s death. Speaking to the maid, Annie, Cara was shocked to learn that Mrs Gasket had approached the orphanage for permission to adopt Cara but the Matron had refused.

face of evil


  • Art: Ron Tiner
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as  “De schim van het kwaad” – Tina #22/1982- #34/1982


  • The Face of Evil –  Judy:  #1135 (10 October 1981)  – #1145 (19 December 1981)

Her Majesty


Tomboy Kitty Thomson was chosen to take the place of her double, the Queen of Cambodia, who was ill. It was important that nobody should notice the swap, but Kitty’s behaviour was far from regal.

her majesty


  • Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #16


  • Her Majesty  – Judy: #526 (7 February 1970) – #541 (23 May 1970)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1009 (12 May 1979) – #1024 (25 August 1979)

A Princess Called Smith


Cindy Smith is the daughter of a Cockney scrap merchant. Cindy agrees to switch identities with Princess Melba of Astolia, who fears her father’s enemies are out to kidnap her. Cindy is aware this means putting herself in danger from the kidnappers, and it is not long before the danger strikes.



  • Art: Carlos Laffond


  • A Princess Called Smith –  Debbie: #330 (9 June 1979) – #336 (21July 1979)