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I’ll Make You Dance!


Years ago Debra Dukes promised her dying mother that she would help make her sister Drina become a famous ballerina. Confined to wheelchair herself she was determined to keep her promise without a thought to her sisters happiness and she schemed to make sure she got her way coming between her sister’s relationship.


  • Art: Paddy Brennan


  • I’ll Make You Dance! – Judy: #767 (21 September 1974) – #776 (23 November 1974)

Twins on Trial!


Twins Claire and Kelly Miller were being fostered with a view of adoption by a quiet kindly couple the Blakes. They had lost their own daughter Sharon in an accident. Claire a quiet girl herself was worried her tearaway sister would put the Blakes off adopting them.


  • Photo story


  • Twins on Trial! – Debbie: #499 (4 September 1982) – #504 (9 October 1982)

All the Fun of the Fair


Twins Katie and Kim were being looked after by their older sister while their mother was in hospital. Both twins had taken part-time jobs at the annual village fair, to help pay their way.  There they had entered fancy dress contest. While there Katie recognized a thief who had raided the shop where she worked. He was dressed as Artful Dodger.


  • Text Story
  • Spot Art: David Matysiak


  • All the Fun of the Fair – Debbie: #366 (16 February 1980) – #369 (8 March 1980)

Shadow of Doom


Linda and Carol Milne, twelve year old twins, discovered that because of a witch’s curse laid on an ancestor, one of every pair of twins born in the family, was doomed to die before their thirteenth birthday. The curse could only be undone by a strange witch’s necklace made up of thirteen linking pieces. To spare their family the girls kept their discovery a secret and set out to track down the 12 medallions and the chain.


  • Writer: Marion Turner (under pen-name: Fiona Turner)


  • Shadow of Doom – Tracy: #215 (12 November 1983) – #227 (4 February 1984)

Share and Share Alike! [1988]

  • Share and Share Alike! – Mandy PSL: #121 [1988]
  • Reprinted – Mandy PSL: #269
  • Cover Art: Norman Lee
  • Inside Art: Tom Hurst


Sheila and Sharon Terry are twins that are constantly fighting, much to the exasperation of their parents. While they know their daughters do actually care for each other, they are  also fiercely competitive and jealous. They don’t like to see each other get what they think is favoritism. Whether it’s Dad cleaning Sharon’s bike, or Mom making Sheila her favourite sandwiches for lunch. Each perceives the other as having the jealousy problem and their parents have had enough. They tell them from now on everything will be shared and they will get treated exactly the same. The twins are delighted and finally agree that this is what they always wanted.

They are soon to realise it’s not as great a deal as they initially thought,  when at breakfast the next morning they do get exactly the same thing – but it’s something neither of them like. Mom’s logic being they can at least agree on that. Then on the way to school Sharon gets a puncture, and receives lines for being late. Dad’s not going to help her fix the bike because he’s tired of being accused of favourtism. But Mom makes Sheila help so they can share the burden and they even make her write out lines. This trend continues so when a dog causes Sharon to drop shopping breaking jars, they both have to pay. The girls are aware that their parents think they are clever, but they figure they can out smart them by upping the “share and share alike” mentality. They go for a boat trip and when dad comes looking for them they say they haven’t returned because they were using one oar, rowing in circles! When they do exactly same work at school, resulting in a letter from the headmistress, Mom thinks they should call it off but Dad is not broken so easily. He clears things up with the headmistress, and lets the wins know schoolwork is not to be shared.

Perhaps because they are working together to try and outsmart their parents, it ends up having the desired affect of them actually getting along. But then this is quickly undone when when Sheila waits for Sharon after school, and Sharon thinks she’s already gone home. The reason Sharon was delayed was Miss Brett called her over to tell her they have both been selected to cross country competition and Sharon had asked Sheila to wait for her. (This is a bit odd as they were both selected and Sheila was also right there, why didn’t Miss Brett talk to the both of them?!) Now they both intend to win and are more competitive than ever! Then during training, Sheila takes a risk trying to pass Sharon out and falls into the river. Sharon jumps after them and together they make it to shore but Sheila gets sick after. Luckily it’s not too serious but it does mean she is out of the race. On the day of the race Sharon is uncharacteristically quiet. Sharon has a tough race ahead of her and back home Sheila can picture the race and where Sharon would be. Sharon feels Sheila willing her on and is determined to win for both of them. She succeeds and at home the twins are delighted and they will share the cup. Their parents are optimistic that this is the end of their feud.


Favouritism can be a sensitive issue, whether it’s justified or not. There may be a slight issue here of a parent doing extra for a daughter at times but certainly not to any extreme and it’s clear the parents love both daughters. I am reminded of another picture story library book Unfair to Favourites although in that case there is a clear case of favouritism and the sisters get along fine, the resolution is also through a sport (gymnastics).  In this story what the twins perceive of favourtism is made worse by their jealousy. It is when the “share and share alike” rule is brought in, it shows how petty some of their complaints were. Such as arguing about who took the last of the marmalade or toast when they could both be given cereal they don’t like instead for breakfast.

It is a clever idea by the parents, although it seems Dad is much more willing to see it through no matter what! It is fun to see Sharon and Sheila try to outsmart their parents. It’s a pity their teamwork is in a fragile state that it breaks down after argument and they become competitive over race. Then when Sheila nearly drowns things change, perhaps they take mom’s talking to, to heart or it’s the realisation that they would not want to lose each other, but whatever the reason the twins grow closer. Sharon and Sheila feel connected during the race and Sheila knows Sharon has won even before they get the phone call. It’s hard to tell if the “share and share alike” rule did help overall or if this would have happened anyway when they were both picked for cross country. In any case at the end of the story Mom and Dad decide it’s best not to make a big deal out of dropping the rule, but I’d hope that even if they did bring it up that Sharon and Sheila’s relationship is stronger to survive that now.

The Teaser Twins


A humour strip with twins, Penny and Jenny. When people try to con them they usually get the better of them. Although sometimes they not as clever as they like to think! Their mother is a film star and they travel around the world with her. Later they join a drama school and come in conflict with their teacher a lot. More bizarre adventures have them befriending an alien, time travelling and getting stuck in Stone Age and in the future and finding a magical imp.

the teaser twins


  • Art: Gordon Bell


  • The Teaser Twins  Penny and Jenny– Judy: 02 (23 January 1960) –  78 (08 July 1961)
  • The Teaser Twins at Drama School – Judy: 79 (15 July 1961) – ?
  • The Teaser Twins in the Stone Age – Judy: circa 154  (22 December 1962) – 204?
  • The Teaser Twins – Judy: circa 215 (22 February 1964) – 227 (16 May 1964)
  • The Teaser Twins -Judy: circa 325 (02 April 1966) – 360?

Kitty and Jo – They’re Sisters But Don’t Know


Kitty and Joanna were twin girls who had been adopted by different families as babies. When they met again by accident, twelve years later, they were drawn to each other instantly. Joanna’s mother, however wanted to keep Kitty away.

Kitty and Jo


  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones


  • Kitty and Jo -They’re Sisters But Don’t Know –  Debbie:  #1 (17 February 1973) – #19 (23 June 1973)
  • Reprinted – Debbie: #365 (9 February 1980) – #383 (14 June 1980)

The Jealousy of Jemma

  • The Jealousy of Jemma–  Mandy:  #601(22 July 1978) – #611 (30 September 1978)
  • Reprinted – Mandy #1174 (15 July 1989) – #1184 (23 September 1989)
  • Reprinted (as Mandy Classic) – M&J: #286 (02 November 1996) – #296 (11 January 1997)
  • Art: Kim Raymond (?)


Julie and Jemma Granger are twins, who are extremely close, their parents even remark that sometimes it is like they can read each other’s thoughts. For their 13th birthday they recieve gold lockets, later they exchange lockets and make a vow to each other that they shall never be parted and nobody will come between them. A week later while Julie is in school while the Grangers take Jemma to the dentist, but the car veers off a cliff. Julie instantly senses something wrong. When she hears her parents and Jemma are dead she collapses and lies in a coma for weeks.  When she wakes up she finds her Aunt Mavis and Uncle Roger with their daughter Ruby. Julie has never met them before but they say they will take care of her now and they take her back to her own home which they have moved into.

jealousy of jemma 1

The Daces seem kind and friendly, but are secretly just there so they can live in a grand house and use Julie’s inheritance. Weeks later, Mavis pretends to be pleased for Julie when she says she can manage by herself but tells Roger and Ruby they’ll stick around in case she relapses. That night Julie hears Jemma’s voice calling to her reminding her they promised never to be parted. While her relatives try to comfort her, telling her it was just a bad dream, Julie doesn’t believe this. Jemma’s voice returns but Julie is scared she is so possesive now. When an old family friend Mrs Preston visits and when Julie tries to make a friend with Sara a girl she knows from school, Jemma tells her she doesn’t need friends. She even tells Julie her new friend will get hurt if she visits.

jealousy of jemma_3

The Dace’s call the doctor and he tells Julie she is over strained and needs rest. Ruby is impatient as she wants the doctor to take Julie away, but Mavis tells her to be patient. At Julie’s insistence they contact a psychic Madame Zenith. She senses two departed people who rest peacefully but she cannot sense any ghost, though she does warn her of evil. Mavis tells Julie the evil she senses must be her illness and Julie begins to believe it’s all in her mind.  Julie goes to hospital and feels safer and secure, while she’s there the Daces are enjoying parties in her home. When Julie begins to wonder why she doesn’t hear voices at the hospital. In order to stop her suspicions,  Ruby sneaks to the hospital and using information from a secret book the twins wrote in convinces Julie it really is Jemma she is hearing.  The Daces bring her home to keep a better eye on her, but soon Julie does some investigating and she finds microphones in the attic. She escapes and visits Mrs. Preston, telling her the story. Together with her lawyer the Daces are plots are revealed and they are arrested. Mrs Preston moves in with Julie and a few weeks later, Julie gets a better surprise when she hears Jemma’s voice again and it turns out she had survived the crash and had been taken by boat to France. So the twins are happily reunited.

jealousy of jemma_5


The twins seem overdependent on each other from the start. On their thirteenth birthday they don’t invite anyone else as they don’t really have any other friends. Their parents thinks its great that they are so close and don’t need anyone else, but actually its quite unhealthy! Even when Jemma first gets into the car Jemma already feels lost and alone at school. It’s never good to cut yourself off and depend on only one person. Even without the evil relatives it’s understandably difficult for Julie to cope without any network of friends to help and support her.

jealousy of jemma_2

It is surprising to find Jemma alive at the end, although there was a hint when Madame Zenith didn’t sense Jemma’s spirit in the house (either restful or vengeful). There is very little explanation of how she survived or why she hadn’t been in contact before or how the lawyer tracked her down. Perhaps she had been in a coma or had amnesia (a common reason for prolonged absence in these stories) but it is never addressed here. There is a tie in with the real Jemma’s voice sounding kind rather than spiteful, so it works fine. Although I think it could have worked out as a happy ending with Julie just moving on with her life, maybe meeting up with Sara.

After the set up in the first issue of the twins vowing to be together for ever, it wouldn’t have surprised me if the story turned out to be Jemma’s ghost haunting Julie. It might have been better if the writer held off on showing the true colours of her relatives initially. He/she could have build up the creepiness and the mystery of Jemma’s voice. It still works as an interesting story as the relatives drive Julie insane. There has been many stories of devious relatives cooking up schemes to gain inheritances, inflicting psychological damage on their niece is particularly devious. While Roger shows some discomfort over what they are doing, it’s more that he doesn’t like watching Julie’s decline but is happy to reap the benefits. Mavis and Ruby are clearly the brains behind the scheme. The dark tones of the art and the expressions of fear on Julie really help sell the story, it does make it very creepy.

jealousy of jemma_4