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Air-Raid Annie


During the Second World  War, ten-year-old Annie Williams lived with her family in Kent. She discovered she had a sixth sense that gave her warning of the approach of enemy bombers. Mr Clarke, a top Civil Defence official, came from London to arrange a test of Annie’s powers. Annie forecast that three German bombers would arrive over Monstable one night, but the raid didn’t happen. At school next day, she sat puzzling over what had gone wrong with her forecast.

air raid annie



  • Air-Raid Annie –  Judy: #307 (27 November 1965)  – #313 (08 January 1966)
  • Reprinted – Judy:  #934 (03 December 1977) – #940 (14 January 1978)

Rose of the Sea


Rose is a young fishergirl who lives with her grandfather in a little cottage near Lisbon, in Portugal. It is wartime and Rose is helping a British agent, Captain Dalton, to get a British girl, Jenny Smith, out of the country. Jenny has memorised vital scientific data from her scientist father, now a prisoner in enemy hands. Foreign agents are also after Jenny. When Dalton, Jenny, a helper called Miguel, and Rose’s grandfather are imprisoned in a clinic run by a Doctor Brasilio, who is in league with foreign agents, Rose comes to the rescue. Now only one man—in the clinic office—stands between the party and escape to an ambulance standing nearby.

rose of the sea



  • Rose of the Sea – Judy:  #94 (28 November 1961) – #106 (20 January 1962)