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Sadie’s Sewing Machine


In 1870s Colorado, Sadie Heritage, her father and her brother Rolf’s family arrive in the boom town of Kowawa Springs. The men of the family find it difficult to get work, but Sadie is making ends meet with her sewing machine. The men eventually find good jobs, but Rolf’s family are still hanging on and expect Sadie to slave for them all the time.


  • Art: E C Julien


  • Sadie’s Sewing Machine –  Bunty: no publication dates currently available

Kay Carries On


It is the early days of the Wild West and the Santagona  Stage, a posting station on one of the main stage coach routes, is being run by young Kay O’Kelly while her father is laid up. But two shady horse deglers, Bart Cannon and his son Jeff, are plotting to get the O’Kellys’ contract. When Morgan, one of the company owners, comes to investigate the stables, the Cannons hide all the O’Kellys’ horses, and when Kay and Sajo, her half-Indian helper, are searching for them at a disused mine they are attacked by a bear.

kay carries on



  • Kay Carries On – Judy:  #362 (17 December 1966) – #371 (18 February 1967)