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Nagoma – the Reluctant Witch-Doctor [1973]


Nagoma Kintanga is a new pupil at Quentin College. Nagoma’s classmates think she is the daughter of a witch-doctor and expect her to be able to work magic. When Nagoma fails to convince them she is nothing of the sort, she gets a spell book to see if it can either help her to meet their demands for magic or convince them that she can’t do magic. But things don’t seem to go right either way.



  • Nagoma – the Reluctant Witch-DoctorDebbie: #19 (23 June 1973) – #32 (22 September 1973)
  • Nagoma – the Reluctant Witch-Doctor – Debbie: #40 (17 November 1973),  #41 (24 November 1973)