Welcome to Girls Comics of Yesterday.  A fan site dedicated to British girl comics of the past, looking mostly at the DCT publications like Bunty, Mandy, Judy and Spellbound, but also occasionally dipping into IPC comics like Misty. As well as longer posts about stories and comics, there is also an index of stories and when they appeared.

When the site started I was looking at the 3 main DCT girls publications, Bunty, Judy and Mandy, but ventually expanded beyond that. The Bunty comic was the longest running publication, it ran from 18/01/1958 to 17/2/2001. It lasted 2249 issues as well as a short-lived monthly series. Judy started on 16/01/1960 and Mandy started on 21/01/1967. They lasted 1635 issues and 1269 issues respectively. In 1991, Mandy and Judy merged with each other and became a new comic, known as M&J. M&J then merged with Bunty in 1997. Some of their long running strips included The Four Marys, Lorna Drake, The Comp, Luv Lisa, Penny’s Place, Wee Slavey, Junior Nanny, Angel, Valda and Nurses.  Along with the weekly issues there were also Summer Specials, monthly Picture Story Library Books and Annuals published.

Additional Note: The picture I use in the header is from a story “The Time Machine” from Judy Annual 1984 with art by the talented Ken Houghton.

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