A Turn of the Key Story


Short stories that involve keys and mysteries or supernatural happenings. One story – The Day of the Ballerina has some friends investigate what they think is a ghost dancer, they find an old door with a key in it to take a closer look in the house  and end up saving a girl from a nasty fall, she is part of a ballet production being filmed. Although when they check the door they entered by it is rusted shut. In another story  a girl is unhappy in her boarding school where she is picked on by a teacher named Miss Brown. A comfort to her is writing notes to her parents and keeping them in a small box that her parents sent her from India. The box is meant to protect her from evil and it certainly does that when Miss Brown tries to look inside it.

a turn of the key

turn key


  • Appeared sporadically, each story had a different title.
  • “The Secret Guardian” and “The Day of the Ballerina” were reprinted in M&J with subheading of The Key Turns, but drawn by a different artist.
  • The Secret Gurdian also reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Het geheime doosje” (“The Secret Little Box”) – Debbie #30 (1982)


  • A Turn of the Key Story – Spellbound: #21 (12 February 1977)
    • #33 (7 May 1977) – #43 (16 July 1977), [no episodes #38, #39 and  #41]
    • #55 (8 October 1977) – #56 (15 October 1977)
  • Reprints as The Key Turns – M&J: #19 (21 Sep. 1991) – #20 (28 Sep. 1991)

List of Stories:

  • Mystery of “The Great Magi” – Spellbound: #21
  • The Secret Guardian – Spellbound: #33  / Reprinted – M&J: #19
  • Behind the Door – Spellbound: #34
  • The Traitor’s Gate – Spellbound: #35
  • The Key to Freedom – Spellbound: #36
  • Dragon in the Attic – Spellbound: #37
  • The Clock That Walked – Spellbound: #40
  • The Fear Behind the Face – Spellbound: #42
  • Strange Encounter – Spellbound: #43
  • Day of the Ballerina – Spellbound: #55 / Reprinted – M&J: #20
  • The Key of the Coiled Serpents – Spellbound: #56

6 thoughts on “A Turn of the Key Story

  1. The title for this Spellbound series is Turn Of The Key, not A Turn Of The Key. The only reason the word A is there at all in the logo in the top right hand corner of the opening page of Mystery Of ”The Great Magi” in issue 21 is because of the later use of the word Story. If I appear to be splitting hairs here, the small section under the final panel of the story proves my point. It says Look Out For Another ”Turn Of The Key” story soon.

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