“My Sister is a Monkey!” / The Tennis Chimp


Cherry Marsden was helping her Professor father with an unusual experiment—bringing up Julie, a baby chimp, as a human baby.

sister monkey

Julie returns in sequel The Tennis Chimp. Cherry and her father move to a new town and Cherry joins a tennis club. But she doesn’t have a partner for the doubles tournament. So she partners with Julie, but some club members dislike the idea of a chimp entering the championship, and Mrs Hawkins in particular is out to stop them.


  • The sequel had a different artist


  • “My Sister is a Monkey!” – Mandy: (?) – #108 (8 February 1969)
  • The Tennis Chimp –  Mandy: #385 (01 June 8 1974) – #395 (10 August 1974)

Other Appearances:

  • The Tennis Chimp – Mandy Annual 1976

2 thoughts on ““My Sister is a Monkey!” / The Tennis Chimp

  1. I have a picture in mind from the 1969 version of Cherry persuading Julie to do housework by making a game of it – specifically washing a large rug with a huge amount of soap suds …

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