Queen of the Five Valleys


Gwyneth Williams,  who lived alone with her blind father, was competing for the title of Queen of the Five Valleys. The queen was chosen once every 25 years in the Welsh district where Gwyneth lived, and because Gwyneth’s dead mother had been the last queen, her blind father dreamt of Gwyneth winning the title, too. Gwyneth did not think she possessed her mother’s charm and beauty, but after many setbacks she reached the quarter-finals of the competition.



  • Queen of the Five Valleys –Mandy: #5 (18 February 1967) – #12 (8 April 1967)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #328 (28 April 1973).- #335 (16 June 1973)

4 thoughts on “Queen of the Five Valleys

  1. I remember this story, though not the title. In one episode, the contenders have to provide afternoon tea for an ostensibly difficult guest. Gwyneth’s father, who is blind, objects to the elderly woman guest carping at his daughter (who doesn’t have a lemon in the house for her tea). He falls over while going to remonstrate, inciting the guest to ask what is the matter with him – is he blind? Gwyneth explains that he is and difficult guest is revealed as kindly woman putting on an act to test the patience of the competitors. NOT exactly the most feminist of storylines!

    Of course, Gwyneth wins the competition, wishes her father could see her on her carnival float, and it is pointed out to her that he can see her mother in his mind’s eye winning the title twenty-five years ago.

    I’m not sure why I remember this from 1967 …

    1. These stories really stay with you, before I started this site there were stories that I could picture clearly even if I couldn’t remember the name!

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