Sheena the Sham


Sheena Ducey, an orphan had been brought up in poverty by her Uncle  Dermot and Aunt Moira in Ireland. Then Uncle Dermot managed to pass Sheena off as Rosemary Reynolds, an English baby killed in a nearby air disaster thirteen years before. Wealthy Mr and Mrs Reynolds joyfully took Sheena back to their country estate—but Clare, their younger daughter, was jealous and suspicious. Sheena, who was very unhappy about the deception, decided to write and ask her uncle to tell the Reynolds the truth. But then Sheena discovered that her uncle and aunt were coming to England to live in a bungalow made available by the grateful Reynolds



  • Sheena the Sham – Mandy: #519 (25 December 1976) – #525 (5 February 1977)

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