Tanya the Terrible


When seventeen-year-old Susan Walker took on the job of looking after orphaned child film star, Tanya Merrill, she soon discovered that Tanya was extremely spoilt and temperamental.


  • Art: Esteban Maroto and Jose González


  • Tanya the Terrible – Mandy: #169 (11 April 1970) – #177 (6 June 1970)

8 thoughts on “Tanya the Terrible

  1. ‘Tanya The Terrible’ certainly started in MANDY 169 (April 11 1970) but it definitely ended in MANDY 177 (June 6 1970), so quite where David found the other two instalments is beyond me. It was replaced in MANDY 178 by ‘Robbie And The Wild Ones’.

    1. Yes, I do, Caspar. However, I have no idea how to post illustrations on this site, nor do I have enough time to find out, as I am far too busy. Sorry! Perhaps lorrsadmin, who runs this platform, will be able to help you.

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