Terry’s Ferry


Terry Morgan lived with her father and her younger brother, David, in the small village of Llangarog. Mr Morgan was the local ferryman, and when he was injured, Terry took over the job, while still having to attend school.



  • Terry’s Ferry – Mandy: #325 (7 April 1973) – #334 (9 June 1973)

5 thoughts on “Terry’s Ferry

  1. Any other appearances of this feature? I have a Dutch reprint that has the same character and artist, but none of the panels match the one pictured here.

    All help mightily appreciated!


    1. The panel is from the episode in Mandy #332. It’s possible the Dutch reprint is an abridged on leaving out that episode, that sometimes happened with reprints. I’m not aware of any other series but possibly I just don’t have those issues if it appeared again. I do know of a Debbie Picture story library, with a different artist. which had a similar story “Terri of the Ferry”

  2. There was a Terry’s Ferry story in the Mandy Annual 1975. The artist for that story was Geoff Jones, and it looks as if he may have done this one also.

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