The Castaway Class


During the Second World War, after the ship in which they were on while escaping from Singapore was sunk by Japanese bombers, eight survivors reached a desert island. These were Miss Radcliffe, the head-mistress of a posh boarding school, six of her pupils, and a stowaway called Betty Smith. Betty was the only one of them with any idea how to survive away from civilisation. Miss Radcliffe—a stubborn, snobbish woman-took advantage of Betty and treated her as a servant. Several times Betty had the feeling that they were not the only ones on the island, and that they were being watched.



  • The Castaway Class  – Mandy: #286 (8 July 1972) – #294 (2 September 1972)

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  1. You’re welcome. Glad you have recovered from Covid. My wife and I have escaped it so far. I think “The Castaway Class” ends in #294 (September 2, 1972). It does not end in #293 and does not appear #295 or 296. I think “Slave Girls” replaced it.

    1. Thanks, we escaped covid for long time too, hope you continue to be in good health! Thanks also for the updates.

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