The Girl They Left Behind


Joan Bryant, daughter of the Head of the British Consulate to Cambada in South East Asia, had been accidentally left behind when the consulate staff had evacuated. The Royal family were all thought to be killed but Joan had been asked by the Royal nursemaid to get young Prince Chula to safety.

girl they left behind


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  • The Girl They Left Behind – Mandy:#43 (11 November 1967) – (?)

4 thoughts on “The Girl They Left Behind

  1. I remember reading the last episode of this serial, where Joan and the young prince are captured. They face execution by firing squad but are rescued at the last moment by the British(?) army. I’ve a vague idea that Joan tells the little boy that the squad is there to honour him and that if he closes his eyes he will be back with his parents again. Quite poignant stuff for a children’s comic.

      1. I only have the 1 episode, so no other to compare to. Bit difficult to tell from this but I hadn’t thought it was Aspin.

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