The Last Buttercup


In the year 2083, Britain was ruled by The  Decider, a vast impersonal computer. Thirteen-year-old Moira Wade was sentenced to a punishment battalion, when she rebelled against the system. Flowers had been banished from the fields in the name of efficient farming, but in a place called the Zone of Voices, Moira discovered  a courtyard where buttercups still grew and also found the diary of her grandfather, freedom fighter Timothy Quentin. She and her friends, Natasha and Billy, were trying to save wild flowers to plant in the Zone of Voices and were sheltering a girl called Angie there, too. Angie had escaped from a Re-education Centre, and had told them about a boy called Neil who was Natasha and Billy’s older brother. Neil was locked up in the notorious Zero punishment cell there.



  • The Last Buttercup – Mandy: #845 (26 March 1983) – #858 (25 June 1983)

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