The Magnificent Seven


Tansy and Vanessa Blythe, Gilly Martin, Caro Leroy, Shannon and Tony Hilliard—along with Tansy’s dog, Splodger—made up the Magnificent Seven. With their old van, this youthful drama group was on tour in Adelaide, putting on shows in villages and holiday camps so that they could earn enough money to convert an old warehouse into a theatre in their home town of Marwood



  • The Magnificent Seven – Mandy: #374 (16 March 1974) – #383 (18 May 1974) [no episode #377]

2 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven

  1. This story, Lorraine, started in MANDY 374 (March 16 1974), not in 377. It replaced ‘Roll-Along Roma’, which ended in 373 (March 9 1974). In fact, there wasn’t even an instalment of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ in issue 377. At the end of the instalment in 376, it says “The Magnificent Seven will be back in two weeks’ time”, which it was.

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