The Oldest Schoolgirl – That’s My Mum!


When Mrs Ivy Green unexpectedly inherited a fortune, she joined her daughter, Carol, in the third form at exclusive Hadleigh School. Ivy wanted to make up for the education she missed.



  • The Oldest Schoolgirl – That’s My Mum! – Mandy: #195 (10 October 1970) – #208 (9 January 1971)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #569 (10 December 1977) – #582 (11 March 1978)

4 thoughts on “The Oldest Schoolgirl – That’s My Mum!

    1. Actually Carol was supportive of her mum, the person who had a problem was a snobbish classmate, Denise, who looked down on Ivy’s cleaning background.

  1. This story has been seriously influenced by the text serial ‘Professor Potter – The 60-Year-Old Dunce!’ that appeared in ADVENTURE 1254 (Jan. 8 1949) – 1262 (Mar. 19 1949).

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