The Whispering Shadow


Sheila Hall was the first exciting prospect the Dolphin Swimming Club had produced since the days of Jean Holt, a former coach at the Dolphin. Jean had mysteriously vanished shortly after Sheila’s aunt, Anne Jordan, was attacked.  Anne Jordan, the Club’s secretary, was left paralysed and without any memory. Now the Club coach was Ethel Smythe, but then a mysterious woman known as the Whispering Shadow appeared at the Club. The Shadow, a superb swimmer, opposed Ethel Smythe’s training methods and began to take over Sheila’s coaching herself.



  •  The Whispering Shadow – Mandy: #196 (17 October 1970) – #213 (13 February 1971)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #653 (21 July 1979) – #670 (17 November 1979)

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